Marc Bouchenoire

Product Designer

I design and build tools, products, interfaces and icons.

I'm currently working at Framer. I previously worked at Awkward, Azendoo and as a freelancer for companies like Workflow.


A UI kit designed with customization in mind


Elements is a UI kit built as a Library that can be used to get started on a new iOS project. Our goal when making it was to both create a strong visual style and showcase Symbols and Libraries. We started by defining a scope of 35 screens as 5 different apps : Food, Social, Music, Photography and Travel. Keeping customization in mind, most of the design process was then figuring out what core components could be shared between apps, while still remaining visually distinctive.


Quickly extract color palettes in Sketch

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Alembic is a Sketch plugin that extracts color palettes from layers and images. It started from a quick mockup Davey Heuser sent me after he saw this tweet from Jeffrey de Groot. I loved the idea so I decided to quickly play around it with the Sketch API. I was already familiar with making Sketch plugins using standard macOS components, but those didn't really work for what I had in mind here. I decided to move away from that and built it as a floating panel instead, with an entirely custom Web-based UI. I learned a lot in the process and wrote a two-part article on my findings and how to build something similar.

Sketch Maps

Add context with real maps in Sketch

Sketch Maps

Sketch Maps is a Sketch plugin that adds static maps from Mapbox to layers. I find trips to be a great time to think about new project ideas, and this one came from a ski trip in the Alps. Inspired by ski trail maps, I started designing Descente : a minimal tracking app to record skiing sessions. I had worked with Mapbox' products in the past and loved them so I decided to use Mapbox Studio to design custom maps for it. After some back and forth between Studio and Sketch, I started working on a quick way to automate and bridge the two. Designing with real data is essential, so I then decided to build an easy-to-use plugin around it that would allow everyone to quickly add context to their designs.


Various works for iOS and macOS

→ Present

I love drawing icons. Over the last 5 years, I've been drawing a lot of them for apps, plugins or just for fun as alternative versions of other things I like. Inspired by Marc Edwards and Ollin, I've recently started adding 3D as an early step to my workflow. It's not there yet, but I already learned a lot and I find myself really enjoying working in Blender 2.8.


An unobtrusive and interactive onboarding

Azendoo for Android
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    Product Research UI Prototyping

Azendoo is a collaboration and project management platform built around tasks. I joined them in 2016 for my first internship and I mainly worked there on designing an onboarding for the iOS and Android apps. After some initial research, I found out that a majority of users see the desktop onboarding before even installing the mobile app. From there, I decided to focus on features that were different from desktop : Timeline, Tasks and Notifications. Following a learning by doing Nintendo-inspired philosophy, I tried making most of the teaching feel interactive, while remaining unobtrusive by appearing contextually and blending with the content.

Sketch Constraints

Making UI design dynamic when it wasn't

Sketch Constraints is a Sketch plugin that adds constraints to layers. At the time, designing layouts visually with dynamic constraints wasn't really a thing outside of Xcode's Interface Builder. After reading Josh Puckett's great article on adaptive layouts and seeing his early prototypes, I started exploring what would it look like if Sketch had something similar. I quickly felt limited by the staticity of what I was designing, so I decided to build it. The Sketch API was new to me, let alone learning about CocoaScript and AppKit classes, but it was a great tool to explore how Sketch works and how it can be extended. Almost 4 years later, it's great to see how design tools have changed and how building layouts is now as important as everything else.


  1. Freelance

    Worked with a few companies like Workflow on interfaces and icons.

    → Present

  2. Internship @ Awkward

    Worked on Sketch Cloud and Mirror, collaborated with Bohemian Coding on the Elements UI kit, designed and built Alembic and learned the basics of React with Gatsby.

  3. Internship @ Azendoo

    Worked on UI-related tasks for desktop and designed an unobtrusive and interactive onboarding for iOS and Android.


  1. Master's degree @ L'École de Design

    MDes. Immersive Design — Learned about design management, designing for the mixed reality spectrum and creating 3D assets.

  2. Bachelor's degree @ L'École de Design

    BDes. Interaction Design — Learned about interface design, user-centered methodologies, generative art and web development.

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